Decay 2

Several years ago I had an idea of creating a generative art piece in which elements of the process are decided randomly. After some thought, I settled on some parameters and the rolling of dice – using the resulting numbers to influence colour.

During the pandemic, I decided to revisit this project. You can continue reading to see the process involved, or watch the handy video below:

This time a circular grid was created in Vectoraster made up of dots. As before, each possible dice throw was assigned a colour.

Starting in the centre, a colour was applied to a dot following each throw of dice. Once a ring was completed, I moved outwards to the next. The palette continues for a while, before numbers gradually lose their unique colour and become the same as the background –  this throws up interesting areas of space and contrast – hence the name, Decay.

A square artboard is created and a circular mosaic placed centrally. A dull, unused colour is applied to each dot.

The colour of each circle is decided by the throw of two dice, and a numbered colour palette. 12 is the background colour.

Starting in the centre, colour is applied to each circle, following a dice throw. This process begins at the top of each ring and moves clockwise.

The decay element results from the mosaic being broken down into sections. The artwork has a ‘core’ and nine outer ring sections. Each time we cross into a new section, one of the colours is lost from the sequence and becomes the background colour.

Illustration / Client: Self Initiated

The parameters and the circle format have led to a pleasing final result. I will be developing at least a couple more iterations; each of which will be unique, which is the beauty of this process.