Learning shortcuts is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your workflow. Rather than provide a long list of all the Photoshop shortcuts, I have picked out a useful selection that you can learn as a starting point. Try to practice with a couple of these every week and you’ll be using Photoshop like a boss in no time!

For further reading, I have written companion posts for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and macOS.

General Tricks

magic wand icon

Action Mac Win
Increase/Decrease brush size  ] / [  ] / [
Increase/Decrease brush hardness  } / {  } / {
New Layer as a copy Cmd + J Ctrl + J
Temp. select Hand Tool Spacebar Spacebar
Cycle through open documents Cmd + Tab Ctrl + Tab
Create new Layer Cmd + Shift + N Ctrl + Shift + N


cursor icon

Action Mac Win
Move V V
Marquee M M
Lasso L L
Magic Wand W W
Crop C C
Eyedropper I I
Spot Healing Brush J J
Brush B B
Eraser E E
Gradient G G
Dodge O O
Type T T
Hand H H
Zoom Z Z
Cycle through hidden tools Option + click on tool Alt + click on tool
Cycle through hidden tools Hold Shift and press the corresponding key above Hold Shift and press the corresponding key above


adjustments icon

Action Mac Win
Curves Cmd+M Ctrl+M
Levels Cmd+L Ctrl+L


selection icon

Action Mac Win
Move selection x1 unit Arrow keys Arrow keys
Move selection x10 units: Shift + Arrow keys Shift + Arrow keys
Add to selection: Shift Shift
Subtract from selection: Option Alt
Feather selection: Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Select opaque pixels on layer: Cmd + click on layer panel Ctrl + click on layer panel


eye icon

Action Mac Win
Zoom In/Out: Cmd+ +/- Ctrl+ +/-
Hide all tools and panels: Tab Tab
Hide panels except Tools and Options: Shift+Tab Shift+Tab