Image: James Donovan on Unsplash

Learning shortcuts is an excellent way to improve the efficiency and speed of your workflow. This post details a selection of keyboard shortcuts that can be executed on macOS.

General Tricks

Action Shortcut
Show / Hide the Dock Option + Command + D
Spotlight Search Command + Spacebar
Show Desktop Command + Mission Control

Managing Windows

Action Shortcut
Cycle through active applications Command + Tab
Flip between windows in current application Command + `/~
Minimise window Command + M
Hide all other applications Command + Option + H
Close window Command + W
Close all windows Command + Option + W


Hide / Show Path barCommand + Option + P

Action Shortcut
Duplicate file Command + D
Eject the selected disk Command + E
Get Info Command + I
Open the Computer window Shift + Command + C
Open the Desktop folder Shift + Command + D
Open the Home folder Shift + Command + H
Open iCloud Drive Shift + Command + I
Open the Downloads folder Command + Option + L
Open the AirDrop window Shift + Command + R
Hide / Show Sidebar Command + Option + S
New Finder window Command + N
Create new folder Shift + Command + N
Open the current folder’s parent Command + Up Arrow
Open the parent folder in a new window Command + Control + Up Arrow
Open folder in a separate window Command + Double click
Rename a file Command + Return
Move to Trash Command + Delete
Empty Trash Shift + Command + Delete
Empty Trash without confirmation Command + Option + Shift + Delete
Move item Hold Command while dragging to a new location
Copy item Hold Option while dragging to a new location

Problem Solving

Press these when booting your Mac, immediately after pushing the power button

Action Shortcut
Start in Safe Mode Shift
Launch Startup Manager Option
Launch Apple Diagnostics / Hardware Test D
Reset NVRAM / PRAM Command + Option + P + R
Eject removable media F12 or mouse button